Margarita SCJ

My Story

Every story has a beginning and this one's mine... I was born in Odessa, Ukraine and after 6 wonderful years of living both in the city and on my grandparents farm several hours away, my parents moved my brother and I to Israel.

There I started first grade and went all the way to mid 11h grade when we once again moved to another continent, and settled in Miami, FL.

I finished high school in the great ole' US of A and went onto community college where I graduated with an associates degree in Business. Transferred to the University of Miami and finished with a Bachelor's degree in Marketing.

Nothing to do with Jewelry right? well, not everyone finds their calling in the first 22 years of their life. It only took me about 35 years but at least I nailed it.

After many adventures I found myself married, with 2 kids and a big fluffy Siberian Husky in Connecticut. This is home base.

I am truly enjoying designing and putting together unique items that add just the right sparkle and shine to any outfit.

Etsy store is coming soon.