How I Found My Passion For Making Jewelry

I first realized I wanted to make jewelry while randomly scrolling through Pinterest. I looked at a pair of earrings and a bracelet that I really liked and My mind automatically started separating every single connecting piece from the next.

Like in a video, all the pieces came apart and then were put back together and somehow I knew exactly how those earrings and bracelet were put together and it just seemed so ridiculously easy, I didn’t understand why.

I guess I’ve always had an engineer’s mind. When I was little, my dad would let me help him put together some furniture, since we moved a lot, there was a lot of furniture that came and went. And even to this day he would tell me that he thought I would grow up to be an engineer or a building designer or city planner haha, putting things together just came so easy to me.

Unfortunately, that is not the route I took, aside from being able to put together an IKEA cabinet, with or without instructions, that talent didn’t take me places. I’ve never been a DIY’er or had any desire to own my own business, just aimlessly floating from one job to the next, just waiting for my calling to pretty much punch me in the face.

I’ve always been into fashion, I worked at Express for many years before and after college and my favorite parts of the job were helping customers put together outfits, un-boxing new shipments in the back and floorsets – basically redesigning the store for the new season based on a directive from corporate. It always comes back to the same roots for me… putting together beautiful things.

I didn’t stop there either, even when I worked at an office, my favorite part was putting together spreadsheets. Yes you heard that right. Columns, fonts, pie charts, colors. I had the most beautiful spreadsheets in the company, if I do say so myself. I’m pretty sure I actually put that on my resume.

But when I looked at that bracelet and I could see exactly how every piece connected. It finally clicked. This is it, this is what i’m meant to do. Putting together beautiful things. It finally made sense. Any fear of taking on a business, fear of rejection by making things people don’t like, fear of failure – being so sure that this is it, and then it not being it…. Just dissipated.

When you know, you know. You know?

So I’m putting this out into the universe… If you haven’t found you’re passion yet, it’s never ever too late. When the right thing comes along, you’ll know.

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